Egg cooking and colouring machine for 12.000 eggs/h.
  Egg painting machine - roller colouring (country style eggs)

Coocking process
Continuous cooking principle
for constant good cooked quality
Individual egg handling
constant free processing
low less production
Preheating over 10 minutes
requirement for best cooking results
loss rate under 1%
Gently cooking process
low loss cooking
Constant soft temperature rise
to prevent burst egg shells
Variable boiling time
frequency regulation
Electronic temperature control
for constant temperature
Optimal insulated
lowest energy consumption
all sides double walled 60 mm
Best power transmission
optimized flow for hot water
Valve free strainer
unpressurized sysem
cleanable without break of production
maximum safety for operator and machinery
High hygienic design
for best product quality
Easy and fast cleaning
on floor cleaning without any stairs
all parts of the machine are easy to reach
Gas or steam heating
Roller painting
Countrystyle design
marbled look
Designview look under applications
Lacquer sealed egg shells
4-6 weeks keeping quality
Integrated egg cooling system
for a longer self life of the eggs
against the developing of green rings
no condensate in the package
6 colours simultaneous
One colour per egg and row
Loss free coating
100 % dyestuff yield
Unpressurized colour container
refilling without production stop
Colour container with stirrer
no deposed colour in the container
Individual egg handling
contact free processing
low less production
Low production costs
best efficiency of personal, material and energy
High capacity
continuous processing machine
Slightly operable system
short training time
For shift working suitable
heavy duty construction
Long maintenance rates
premium parts and materials usage only
Compact design
space saving construction
Operators 1 person
high productivity