Egg packing machine for 20.000 eggs/h.
  For cooked and coloured eggs

Special features
EBM-Packing system
99,9 % alignment of eggs
Ram accumulation
90 % reduced ram pressure of egg feed conveyor
no kracked egg shells
6 row colour separation
6 colours in 6 rows packaged
Most gentle egg handling
for a high quality product
Siemens PLC electronic control
industrial standard
no special electronic parts
Cross feed for packages
condition for universal installation
Buffer magazine for packages
bridging technical troubles
handling with special packages
Low production costs
best efficiency of personal, material and energy
High capacity
continuous processing machine
Slightly operable system
short training time
For shift working suitable
heavy duty construktion
Long maintenance rates
premium parts and materials usage only
Compact design
space saving construction
Operators 1 person
high productivity
majority using of small packages