Filling and dosing machine 32.000 eggs/h.
  Egg weighing, egg counting, liquit dosage in:
Buckets, bags, tanks, container

Special features
Packing machine to fill from 1-999 eggs / package
5 row system
counting and weighing simultaneous
Vinegar-salt solutin dosage
in proportion to the egg weight, for a constant pH level
Round table for 8 buckets
Touch Panel visualization
Product tracking
Interface for following machines
labelling machines
Calibration tool for new weighing cells
Memory space for 99 recipes
4 different brine or pickle tanks selectable
Package counter
Automatic solution dosage
Consistent pH level of eggs
pickle dosage dependet on weight of eggs
Designed for highest hygienic standard
Package sizes
1 - 500 eggs
Kind of packages
Buckets, container, plastic bags
Swing up dosage conveyor
easy, fast cleaning
Reduced moving parts
easy, fast cleaning
long maintenance free periods
long service life
low running costs
Low production costs
best efficiency of personal, material and energy
High capacity
continuous processing machine
Slightly operable system
short training time
For shift working suitable
heavy duty construktion
Long maintenance rates
premium parts and materials usage only
Compact design
space saving construction
Operators 1 person
high productivity