Egg cooking machine 8.000 eggs/h.
  The unique cooking machine
and air chamber pricking system

Special features
Continuous cooking principle
constant good cooked quality
Air chamber adjustment
equipment to move the air chamber on the top (O)
optimized preparing for the air chamber pricking system
(O) Option
Air chamber pricking system
for best peeling results with white or brown eggs
Only 4 moving parts inside
easy, fast cleaning
long maintenance free periots
long service life
low running costs
No chains for egg transport
trouble free production
Gently cooking
low loss cooking
Constant soft temperature rise
to prevent burst egg shells
Variable boiling time
frequency regulation
Electronic temperature control
for constant good cooked products
Optimize insulated
lowest energy consumption
all sides, double walled 60 mm
Best power transmission
optimized flow for hot water
Valve free strainer
unpressurized system
cleanable without break of production
maximum safty for operator and machinery
High hygienic design
for best product quality
Easy and fast cleaning
on floor cleaning without any stains
all parts of the machine are easy to reach
EBM-Heating plant
Gas fired, natural or propan, efficiency 92%
maximum safty
unpressurized system
Valva free
complete stainless steel
Heating option for steam
commercial tube heat exchanger
complete stainless steel
Low production costs
best efficiency of personal, material and energy
High capacity
continuous processing machine
Slightly operable system
short training time
For shift working suitable
heavy duty construktion
Long maintenance rates
premium parts and materials usage only
Compact design
space saving construction
Operators 1 person
high productivity